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What is a trusteeship

Trusteeship refers to the ability to hold assets for the benefits of another group. “A trustee is an incorporated not-for profit organization with the financial systems and organizational structure to administer your group’s grant funds” (City of Toronto, June 2013).

Who does CEE trustee?

CEE is pleased to provide trustee partnership to grassroots and/or incorporated nonprofit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) that are Black-focused, Black-lead and/or Black-serving (B3).

-B3 Definition-

Black Focused: Supports causes that impact the Black community; Has Black service users; Identifies itself as a Black organization serving the Black community.
Black-Lead: A governance structure that is Black (i.e. a majority of board members are Black); A majority of senior management staff are Black.
Black-Serving: The main population or service users are Black; An organization that explicitly (i.e. through vision, mission, or strategic plan) serves the Black community; An organization that uses an African-centered, cultural, approach.

CEE's Trusteeship Approval Process

Once your Trusteeship Approval Application form is submitted, it will be reviewed with due diligence to ensure that it aligns with the vision and mission of the organization.

Depending on the funding amount, the approval will come from either senior management or the Board of Directors.

The Sector Leadership Department will then connect directly with the funder to discuss expectations and deliverables.

If approved, the Sector Leadership Department will contact the group/organization to set up an onboarding meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss the trusteeship agreement and other expectations.

Groups that are not approved for trusteeship will receive an email communication and be provided with reasoning and sources for other supports.


Benefits of a Trusteeship

Access to mentorship and industry expertise

Access to charitable funding

Collaborate and build strategic partnerships through
CEE’s Community of Practice

Click the link below to begin the CEE Trustee Approval Application process

Once completed, a member of the Sector Leadership Department
will contact you within 2-3 business days with the next steps.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact us at:

Ensuring Accountability

As we provide trusteeship, CEE is an organization that is obligated to follow strict policies and procedures to ensure accountability and due diligence.

These policies ensure that we remain aligned with the funders’ and Board of Directors requirements, as well as CRA regulations. We do not simply provide money to the trusteed organizations and individuals.

CEE along with our organizational partners, takes the necessary steps to ensure that our trusteeship provides the best resources and partnership to our Community of Practice.


Next steps…

After approval for trusteeship, an agreement will be presented to you.

This agreement details all the policies and procedures that you and the CEE Sector Leadership Department needs to follow to ensure a transparent and accountable relationship.

This agreement will include, but is not limited to: frequency and amount of funding, specific requirement from the trusteed group and/or organization and other policies to ensure both parties follow legal obligations as required.

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