BTTF capacity building initiatives are delivered to the community through a partnership between these 3 organizations:

The CEE Centre For Young Black Professionals is a charity dedicated to addressing economic and social barriers affecting black youth (18-29 years).  CEE offer programs to improve their careers, education and empowerment (CEE) that are holistic, person-centered and culturally relevant. To strengthen the social service sector in the city, CEE provides training in areas of responsive programming, trauma-informed care and cultural competence. 

CEE leads both the Action Grant and Community of Practice BTTF initiatives. 


Harriet Tubman Community Organization (HTCO) is a non-profit agency, dedicated to reducing the experiences of marginality faced by young people, and others in need. Our mission is achieved through the promotion of African Canadian Heritage education, arts and wellness programs and services.


Black Moms Connection is an online global village of over 12,000 Black mothers and local non-profit organization providing culturally relevant tools and resources. We provide a safe and environment by encouraging and empowering mothers to increase the social, emotional, financial and well-being of the Black family. 

Special Recognition:

We recognize the following 19 B3 organizations that collaborated with the Confronting Anti-Black Racism unit at the City of Toronto to shape the framework and processes related to the Black To The Future initiatives.