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Action Grant

We want to take this time to acknowledge the brilliance and commitment to great work that is in our community. We received many applications for amazing ideas and projects and want to encourage B3 organizations to continue envisioning and implementing genius initiatives and solutions to advance Black communities.

BTTF would like to congratulate the six organizations/groups receiving the Action Grant:


Art+Health: Art + Health is dedicated to transforming the Habesha (Eritrean and Ethiopian) community’s cultural response to mental health. The group commits to running culturally specific mental health workshops and inter-generational conversations. Funding from BTTF will go towards resource development: building a mental health directory of culturally appropriate mental health professionals to support the community. Let us be intentional about addressing mental health. Ignoring it won’t make it go away. 


Sunny Boy Farms: Sunny Boy Farms’ non-profit arm “Sow to Grow” is passionate about providing healthy, locally produced food to the community. The organization already provides locally grown food and now wants to do this while addressing other needs in the community. BTTF funding will be going towards board development and strategic planning. Health is Wealth, so kudos to building a healthy, wealthy Black community.  


Braids for AIDS: Braids for AIDS is committed to addressing the presence of HIV/AIDS in our community. The team is intentional about bringing these conversations to the community in beauty salons and barber shops. BTTF funds will go towards resource development to enhance the capacity of the organization and their ability to reach more community members with quality, curated content. Let’s increase awareness and decrease occurrence of HIV/AIDS in our community.  


The Bridge Program: The Bridge program serves Black post-secondary students in University programs to navigate the space, understand, and enter into various higher learning or career opportunities. The initiative is committed to ensuring Black student success within these institutions. BTTF funding will go towards developing a fundraising strategy and governance development and training. We look forward to seeing Black youth thrive in higher education and diverse careers  


Rise In Stem: This group aims to increase the presence of Black youth in STEM through programs and events. Funding from the Action Grant will be towards capacity building by way of branding and resource development (e.g. website building and logo creation). Looking forward to seeing more Black youth in STEM

Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum: CMIM desires to build capacity in the Black community to engage in STEM and teach community members to deliver STEM programming. Funding from BTTF Action Grant will go towards strategic planning and evaluation for the organization. Celebrating the next generation of STEM trainees and trainers.


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