Action Grant


The Black to the Future (BTTF) Action Grant is one of three components of the larger Black to the Future initiatives alongside the Community of Practice and Summit. 

The Action grant was established to strengthen the organizational capacity of B3 grassroots/emerging nonprofits to effectively serve the community with the long term goal of fostering a critical mass of programs and services that are diverse in its focus. 

A total of $60,000 was earmarked to support multiple unincorporated B3 grassroots/emerging groups with up to $10,000 each.  Another key component is to partner incorporated B3 groups with established organizational mentors who would act in a trustee capacity.

The foundation of the Action Grant  was shaped by the City of Toronto, the Confronting Anti Black Racism Capacity Building planning group (C- CBR CB) and through community consultations with the aim of strengthening the organizational capacity of Black, Black led, Black serving (B3) organizations. 


Terms of Reference: Black, Black-lead & Black-serving (B3)


  • Supports causes that impact the Black community
  • Has Black service users
  • Identifies itself as a Black organization serving the Black community


  • A governance structure that is Black (i.e. a majority of board members are Black)
  • A majority of senior management staff are Black


  • The main population or service users are Black
  • An organization that explicitly (i.e. through vision, mission, or strategic plan) serves the Black community
  • An organization that uses an African-centered, cultural, approach

Grant Guideline

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