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The Public Clinic o/a “The Clinic” is a Black-led, not for profit collective that provides seminars workshops and resources for the Black community within the Greater Toronto Area.
Our mission is to be an all-encompassing resource centre which supports Black adults (ages 25- 45) through an inclusive, anti-oppressive, and culturally-competent framework. Our desire is to educate, unify and promote social and economic independence and create a safe space for Black people to thrive.
The project seeks to deliver a program which educates Black individuals about the Wills and Estates process; and to create a safe space to address the barriers we face in obtaining grief and mental health support.
Black Urbanism TO aims to increase the participation of Black people in community development to advance the collective cultural, economic and social interests in the neighborhoods we call home.
The “Pathways to Community Ownership” project will focus on independent black retailers that face economic precarity and systemic barriers to ownership of commercial spaces. The purpose of the project is to increase property ownership for small businesses serving the needs of low-income residents in Little Jamaica through wealth-building models such as community land trust (CLT).

Parents of Black Children (PoBC) is an advocacy group supporting, and advocating on behalf of Black children and their families. We work to address and ddismantle anti-Black racism and systemic barriers within the education and adjacent systems. Our goal is to increase access to effective and equitable education for our Black Children.
Our project will provide a free counselling service for underserved youth and young adults, experiencing aggravated mental health challenges in light of the global pandemic.
The Friends of CAB group provides peer-led, culturally relevant supports and services for Caribbean, African, and Black (CAB) youth of marginalized genders (women, trans folks, non- binary, gender diverse & expansive) living in the GTA.
Roots to Thrive enables us to support our participants by providing culturally relevant and identity inclusive skills development that will help them transition from surviving to thriving on their own and within community. Roots to Thrive works to establish and sustain a Queer/Trans, Black youth-serving community culture garden and urban agriculture support program.
One of the mandates of our organization is to bring together and connect the members of the Fulani community, by  ensuring the mental and socio-economic well-being of our members.
Our main goal for this project is to increase the literacy and Math level of our children. The majority of the children in our community are attending French schools and there are not many after school programs and resources available for them. Secondly, some of the parents in our community are illiterate, and finally some parents do not have the financial resources to pay for tutoring sessions for their kids. The pandemic has tremendously widened the academic achievement gap of the children in our community.
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