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Black Mandated (B3) Funding Framework – Call for Applications 


In light of both the global movement for Black Lives and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the philanthropic community has increasingly turned its attention to addressing systemic racism and the barriers to Indigenous and Black communities accessing funding. As a result, Toronto City Council adopted the creation of a community co-designed Black–Mandated Funding Framework (BMFF) to help guide the City of Toronto’s investments in the Black community.   

Through this Framework, CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals was selected to provide oversight of $100,000 in grant funding specifically designed to identify and assist grassroots and emerging B3 (Black-led, Black-Focused, Black Serving) organizations. The funds are intended to provide B3 organizations operating in Toronto with financial support to execute innovative capacity-building initiatives.

With additional funding from the Community Funding Unit, successful organizations/groups will receive operational capacity building training in governance, Human Resources, fundraising through CEE’s Organizational Mentorship program.  

B3 organizations can apply for a one-time micro-grant up to a maximum of $20,000 for their capacity-building initiative. The CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals will serve as the trustee (intermediary) organization for the disbursement of the funds. 


All applications must be submitted by:

Thursday, March 31, 2022, at 5:00 pm



Applicants can submit a single application for a one-time grant of up to $20,000. Once the funding has been allotted, successful applicants will have until December 31, 2022, to use the entirety of the funds. 



This grant call will focus on supporting organizations or groups that meet the following requirements:  


□ Meet the criteria for Grassroots or Emerging organizations (see Definitions below) 
□ Is a Black- Mandated organization: Black, Black-lead and Black-serving (see Definitions below)  
□ Is willing to be a part of a yearlong evaluation process 
□ It is focused on advancing the “Toronto Action Plan to Confront Anti-Black Racism” ( https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2017/ex/bgrd/backgroundfile-109127.pdf) Strategy (Ubuntu )   
□ Can provide services in the City of Toronto for Black residents  
□ Is in compliance with City of Toronto COVID 19 Public Health procedures in terms of the delivery of programs and services  
□ Is willing to adhere to the requirements stipulated in this call-out grant guidelines 
□ Has experience working with diverse Black equity deserving groups that include, but are not limited to, 2SLGBTQ+, persons with disabilities, young women and girls, children and youth, people experiencing homeless, refugee and undocumented people, Black people implicated within the criminal justice system, people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, Francophones, and continental Africans. 


Please note:

Groups that receive the BMFF funding directly from the City are NOT eligible to apply for this BMFF grant. 
All activities must follow physical distancing protocols as indicated by Toronto Public Health. Updated information on the COVID-19 pandemic can be found on the City of Toronto’s webpage. 



For organizations or groups to identify as Black-mandated (B3) and qualify for the funding framework, they would need to meet all three criteria:   


(1) Black: Organization or group has a mission or mandate (i.e. bylaws or strategic plan include African-centered approach or cultural lens);   

(2) Black-led: Governance structure that is composed of Black leaders (i.e. Black Executive Director, Board composed of 51%+ Black leaders, 51+% of senior and frontline staff identify as Black or of African descent);  

(3) Black-serving: Primary client or service-users self-identify as from the Black population of African descent (i.e. demonstrated in programming, initiatives, and operating budget allocation).   


A Grassroots Group Refers to a group with zero (0) staff that is volunteer-driven and has at least three (3) active members who self-identify as Black. Grassroots groups may not yet have governance structures (formal or informal) in place and have been inactive operations for ten (10) years or less.   

An Emerging organization Refers to a group or organization that has at least one complete, part-time and contract staff, is volunteer-driven with at least (3) or more active members who self-identify as Black, has a governance structure (formal or informal), and has been in operations for ten (10) years or less.  

An Established organization/agency Refers to an organization/agency with staff (full, part-time and/or contract staff) that is incorporated, has an annual financial audit, and an established governance structure including a board of directors with a majority of members who self-identify as Black. 


Partnering with CEE as a Trustee/Intermediary:  

Partnering with an Intermediary has been a successful strategy used by the Community Funding Unit at the City of Toronto to ensure that Black-Mandated groups receive culturally appropriate support in a way that both builds their capacity and the infrastructure support Black communities. 

The engagement of CEE as an Intermediary provides an opportunity to provide oversight of these funds and evaluate critical elements of the implementation of this pilot that can subsequently be incorporated into the Black-Mandated Funding Framework. 


The BMFF Funding is unrestricted* 


Eligible costs:

Permit costs and liability insurance, staff salaries and benefits, staff training, honoraria for volunteers, volunteer training and recognition, rental fees for space/locations, TTC tokens, childminding, equipment rentals, artist fees, food, supplies and materials, interpretation and translation, evaluation, minor capital costs (i.e., computers, tablets, salary support) and administration. 

Ineligible costs:

Public relations and special events costs such as award ceremonies, banquets, receptions, etc., activities that extend beyond Toronto’s borders (without prior approval from the City), religious activities/services, partisan political activities, subsidies (individual or otherwise), fundraising events, walks/runs and other donations to charitable causes, reserve funds, debt repayment, and/or deficit funding and capital costs including building repairs or renovations. 



Assessment Criteria:


1. Demonstrated effort in serving the Black community and in Capacity Building 

□ How have they been serving the community’s essential needs? 


2. Demonstrated effort to build organizational capacity 

□ How have they worked to strengthen the organization’s capacity to implement programs? 


3. Merit  

□ Is it demonstrated that the project is feasible in terms of time frame, resources etc.? 

□ Does the proposed budget match the proposed plan?  


4. Community engagement and impact 

□ How is the product or activity going to help those being served? 




First Interim Report due:

Friday, July 22, 2022 

Second Interim Report due:

Friday, October 21, 2022 

Final report due:

Friday, January 27, 2023 


After signing the MOU, agencies will be required to submit invoices in accordance with their application. Should there be receipts for items outside the scope of this grant, or if the organization fails to provide receipts, there will be a request to repay allocated funds. 




□    To ensure that the process is equitable, a panel of 5 individuals will be selected to review all applications.  

□    All panel members will be community leaders and from Black, Black-led and Black serving organizations.  

□    No person or organization represented on the grant review panel will be eligible to apply for the grant to mitigate conflict of interest.  

□    Once the panel has made its selections, the successful applicants will be publicized on this website and social media channels. 




For more information regarding the grant, email Richard Lambie –  Trusteeship Coordinator 

Email: richardl@ceetoronto.org with the subject heading “BMFF Microgrant inquiry.”  


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