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2020 Grant Call

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Grant Objective

The BTTF Action grant was established to strengthen the organizational capacity of B3 grassroots/emerging groups to effectively serve the community; with the long term goal of fostering a critical mass of programs and services that are diverse in its focus. 

A total of $50,000 is earmarked to support multiple unincorporated B3 grassroots/emerging groups with up to $10,000 each.  Another key component is to partner incorporated B3 groups with established organizational mentors who would act in a trustee capacity.

  • ♦  Be Black, Black led, Black serving organization 
  • ♦  Be based in Toronto 
  • ♦  Have a clear vision and mission statement 
  • ♦  Be interested in gaining knowledge and insights to grow the organization 
  • ♦  Adhere to the requirements stipulated in this call-out grant guideline 
  • ♦  Have an annual budget of under $500,000 
  • ♦  Have a maximum of 10 staff members or volunteers 
  • ♦  Have a mentor organization of their choosing in place that is:  Black, Black led and Black serving organization and is an incorporated not for profit 
  • ♦  Participate in Black to the Future’s one-day summit on June 21 2019 
  • ♦  Be able to utilize and report back on funds at the end of six months (April 30th 2020. Some flexibility available if required) 

Applicants can submit a single application for a one time grant of up to $10,000. A total of $50,000 is earmarked to support multiple groups from the BTTF grant.

The funding will go to a B3 grassroots organization or emerging group and is aimed at strengthening the organization’s capacity to enhance its effectiveness in serving the community.

  • ♦  Evaluation 

  • ♦  Strategic planning 

  • ♦  Governance training 

  • ♦  Policy development 

  • ♦  Resource development (e.g. website) 

  • ♦  Policy development for organization-specific needs (e.g. hiring, organizational structure etc.) 

  • ♦  Fundraising Plans 

  • ♦  Sustainability Plans 

  • ♦  Update, expand or strengthen existing plans (this may include reviewing, assessing and updating action plans, policies, procedures etc.) 

  • ♦  Consultant & consultant fees 

  • ♦  Management and administration 

  • ♦  Travel expenses 

  • ♦  Supplies 

  • ♦  Workshops 

  • ♦  Space rental 

The grant is not intended for the following: 
  • ♦  For one person (applicant must demonstrate how the funded project will benefit the collective team.
  • ♦  For individual leadership and/or professional development 
  • ♦  One-off events (e.g. fundraiser, community BBQ etc.) 
  • ♦  Short term projects with no lasting effect (e.g. after-school program, summer camp etc.) 
  • ♦  Pre-existing projects/events (space renovations, ongoing programs/activities etc.) 
  • ♦  Ongoing operational costs (e.g. rent, utilities, subscriptions etc.) 

Step 1 – Letter of Intent

Email a letter of intent to  info@ceetoronto.com outlining the following:
The organization or group name, contact number and email address of lead and secondary 
Mission/vision and values, history, context and experiences doing work in the community 


Project Details: 
  • ♦  NAME (of the project)
  • ♦  WHAT (detailed description including Afrocentric ways of being/learning/engaging)
  • ♦  WHY (why is this project necessary, what gap is being addressed and expected outcome)
  • ♦  HOW (what is the strategy and implementation plan)
  • ♦  WHERE (where will the project be deployed
  • ♦  WHEN (project timeline, how will the project benefit the organization and community in the long-term) 


Step 2 – Pitch Presentation

  • ♦  Once letters of intent have been reviewed, the panel will contact shortlisted applicants to schedule an in-person pitch/presentation.  
  • ♦  Pitch presentations should take into consideration Afrocentric ways of being/learning/engaging
  • ♦  Pitch length should be no longer than 7-10 minutes in length. 
  • ♦  Format include but are not limited to: videos, verbal presentations or other creative formats 
  • ♦  Presentations/pitches will be followed by a 5-minute Q & A session. 
  • *If selected or shortlisted, please note that successful applicants are required to bring 5 hard copies of presentation handouts and budget outlines for the review panel members (transcripts will be required for videos). 
  • Required documents must be emailed to info@ceetoronto.com 24 hours before the presentation schedule*
  • ♦  To ensure that the process is equitable, a panel will be selected to review all applications 
  • ♦  All members of the panel will be community leaders and from Black, Black-led and Black serving organizations. 
  • ♦  No person or organization represented on the grant review panel will be eligible to apply for the grant in order to mitigate conflict of interest. 
  • ♦  Once the panel has made its selections, the successful applicants will be publicized.
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